If Leland…(English)

By: Jason Lee

If Leland’s art could be a wine, it would go something like this:

Color: Look beyond the red, maroon, white, yellow or whatever in between. Look at it closely, look at it far away, tilt your head, stand on your head, look at it under florescent lights, look at it through pure sunlight- look at it with a candle lit.

Smell: Although you may secretly have a guilty pleasure of enjoying small hints of the intoxicating aroma of paint and that of sharpies, don’t let those fumes mask the more important aroma of the creativity and the uniqueness of what stands before you- for as the artist ages, so does the beauty and complexity of his art.

Taste: What it brings to your own personal palate

The attack is surely strong and overwhelming, bursting with the acidity of the bright colors that seduces your eyes. And as you swish the art back and forth from one corner or your eyes to the next you come to the actual taste (evolution phase) by which the art comes to it’s true form, where you begin to notice the true profile of the art. You begin to detect smaller elements that bring out the spice of the bold colors, or perhaps the earthiness of how organic the art contains- holding no pesticides or residue from outside influences. The swirls of the master’s strokes paired with the sanguine colors portray his confidence in his ability to make a long lasting impression- his finishing touch on anyone who indulges in his art. Thus, his art finishes with all the properties of light, medium, and full-bodied consistencies that are only unique through the wine maker. It cannot be replicated, and each time there’s a different texture for each “bottle”.

No matter what color you see under whatever light you chose, whatever aroma you may discern or the spices you taste, and whatever your palate may be, as you sip and swish your eyes on each piece you’ll always find yourself… a bit tipsy.



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